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Thomas T. Taber III, Administrator
504 South Main Street
Muncy, PA 17756
Fax: 570-546-8346 (No phone or E-mail)

Research Service:-

With 50 years of active researching, a large reference library, and information on holdings at 700 different locations, I offer my services at no charge to assist you on any phase of railroad history including sources of pictures, locomotive and car information, any specific public or non common carrier railroad or electric railway questions. Although for many questions I cannot give the full answer, for 90% of all requests either the answer or suggested locations for finding the information is given. The R. H. R. C is a good starting point (More than 600 people helped for their 650 letters) for finding answers you need, but you should also pursue whatever other sources you may have. All inquiries will be acknowledged -- hopefully with your answers, and always within one or two weeks. Because the Center does not attempt to be a source for contemporary railroad information, inquiries should be restricted to pre-1970 subject matter. If your question relates to genealogy, please see our "Tips on RR-related Genealogy Questions", below.


Various publications authored by Tom Taber are available. These include the "Guide to Railroad Historical Resources", a comprehensive index to railroad history sources, and the "Railroads of Pennsylvania Encyclopedia and Atlas", a compilation of the complete railroad history of Pennsylvania. Also available are some of the booklets authored by Taber on Pennsylvania logging railroads.

A reprinting of the Taber three-volume history of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western is being planned. As this will be a limited printing, interested parties should reserve a copy.

Write or fax for details.

Tips on RR-related Genealogy Questions:-

It is very rarely that I can be of any specific help on genealogical questions.

The only major railroad for which employee records have survived, of which I am aware, is the Pennsylvania Railroad.

The Railroad Retirement Board is a possible source of information on former railroad employees. The Raiload Retirement Act was originally passed in 1934.

Inquiries are sometimes received about persons who died in railroad accidents, often at unknown locations. This is virtually an impossible problem, as there are no centralized records of railroad accidents which identify victims. Such questions can be researched only from local sources, and then only if the location and at least the approximate date of the accident is known.

If you are a newcomer to genealogical research, two websites for companies specializing in this area are Ancestry and Family Tree Maker. For historic railroad and other maps, see The Goldbug. Sources for local Information may be available for the county of your interest at USGenWeb This is a fast-growing project with links to websites for individual counties of the US. Net searches of the form "Genealogy [surname]" can sometimes produce useful results.

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