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Last updated: 10/17/98

The images below illustrate most of DENRAH's features.

Opening Screen:-
The opening screen is an outline map of the US, which is used to select the region of interest.

DENRAH Example 1

Sample of Unretouched Map Section:-
This is what is seen if clicked in the Chicago area. The red lines are from hand-drawn graphics, and have not been matched to the data derived from USGS files (black lines). As the area of historical coverage is expanded, the map requires retouching, and also addition of material for pre-1920's abandonments.

DENRAH Example 2

Retouched Area Developed for Historical Reference:-
This map, actually a separate file, has been retouched and enhanced for use with the history file. Hand-drawn lines have been conformed to USGS data. Further retouching could be done to improve geographic accuracy.

DENRAH Example 3

Base Historical Map Selected for 1870:-
In its present implemention, any year from 1834 to 1968 may be selected. This maps shows in black routes in operation as of the end of 1870. The short broken line is an early abandonment. Yellow lines are routes still in the future as of this time.

DENRAH Example 4

List of Active Railroads:-
A list can be displayed of the railroad companies in active operation as of the selected date. The list is scrolled vertically if necessary to see all the names.

DENRAH Example 5

Plotting of Selected Railroads:-
Any six raillroads can be selected for color-coded identification.

DENRAH Example 6

Place Names:-
Place names can be toggled in or out. The number of place names shown depends upon the magnification factor. Only names of railroad history significance are shown, i. e., junction points or one-time terminal points.

DENRAH Example 7

Chronology of Selected Route:-
Any route on the map may be pointed to (note circle), and its chronology displayed, either in a brief form (operating company only), or full format, per the example shown.

DENRAH Example 8

Optional Narrative Text:-
Explanatory notes may be provided. In the current status of DENRAH, these are beiing used in only a few places to explain unusual situations, such as this short-lived (and largely forgotten) branch on the North Shore above Boston.

DENRAH Example 9

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